5 Routine Habits to Feel Productive Every Day

Feel Productive Every Day

When was the last time you crafted a very dedicated daily routine to reach your goals? Well, we all do that frequently & most of us usually fail to follow a time table prepared by us for our own benefits. No matter how hard we try, we most often get trap into a maze of other irrelevant chores which takes us nowhere. Thus we end up in making a new routine for ourselves & the vicious cycle goes on. It takes a lot of maturity for a person to accept that stubborn will power is not the only factor you can rely on to feel productive every day.

The willingness to get your work done has to come naturally & instinctively. This article elaborates vital routine habits which one should incorporate in his life to feel productive all day long.


Activities for your Body

Your body is a home for your mind and it has direct connection with your mood. In case you take your body for granted, then that would be a bad idea. Remember, that your hormones are responsible for how you feel at a particular time. When demands of human body aren’t catered properly, the body undergoes a hormonal imbalance which may decrease the production of happy hormones. It would eventually alter your ability to feel productive every day. So what’s the solution for that?

Well, there isn’t a single solution but one of the most important way is to be physically active. Do high intensity cardiovascular activities in bouts of at least ten minutes twice a day. Such activities boost the flow of blood to your entire body & your brain as well. You can also consider some additional exercises in your daily routine such as Tai Chi & Yogasanas. Such exercises, if done correctly, will help in increasing your focus and you tend to ignore the distractions more often.


Exercises for your Mind

The mind of an average person is often addicted to negativity, i.e., hopelessness, low confidence, fear, greed, etc. Such factors would take away all your fruitful intentions to feel productive every day. Negative thoughts are very addictive and they don’t let you make wise decisions when you are in their possession. So, it is essential to create an aura around you which only welcomes harmony & kindness.

Music therapy, Bibliotherapy, Writing therapy, Chess Therapy and a lot of other therapies are very helpful to achieve & sustain a healthy state of mind. Except them, there are many mental relaxation exercises as well viz., Pranayama, Massage, Trampoline, Affirmations, Visualization, etc. You may try different therapies or exercises and adopt those which work best for you.


Meditation for your Soul

Here, the word “soul” is used for unconscious mind, i.e., the zone of your mind which you are unaware of and thus you have no control over it. You can understand it as deep rooted programming of your mind which is indirectly deciding what you would do in a given situation. The rigid & resistant mental programming which you might have developed is the greatest challenge to overcome if you want to feel productive every day.

Meditation is a way to nourish your soul; to make it more flexible, less rigid. Daily few minutes of meditation is necessary, but not sufficient. What you do after the meditation is more important. In order to sustain its effect throughout the day you have to be aware of your breathing process, your surroundings, your thoughts, your emotions and your inner body as well.


Wise choice of Eatables

When it comes to eating, people generally follow one rule – If something tastes good & you can digest it, then just eat it. Be aware! Even very mild constipation or very slight feeling of heaviness in your stomach can potentially increase your lethargy. So never under estimate the impact of right choices for your diet.

The food science is a very vast topic and it would be impossible to mention every important aspect in this article. However, the essence is to eat a little less than you can every time. Consume diversified raw vegetarian ingredients in ample amount. Chew your food as much as you can. Don’t drink water before or after having a meal. Avoid synthetic beverages, junk foods, fast foods, etc. Instead of making your tongue happy, make your belly happy & in turn it would make you feel productive every day.


The prison of Comfort

Human beings are naturally wired to be drawn towards comfort, whether mentally or physically. Comfort is not evil but if not controlled, it can become a prison which would make it impossible to feel productive every day. Thus, complete elimination of comfort is not required but its restriction is mandatory. Always be conscious of you posture since unwanted posture can limit the proper blood flow in your brain & make you feel sleepy. Stay away from favorable temperature which gives you pleasure. Expose yourself to direct sunlight during afternoon for nearly twenty minutes daily.


By now, you may have realized that you need an overall holistic approach to feel productive every day. It’s a marathon and any shortcuts won’t work for you. You make wrong decisions, you suffer. You make right decisions, you boost your energy & strengthen your mindset. It’s a simple science, not philosophy. This article is just a tip of an iceberg. The realm of knowledge is infinite. So keep learning and be the better version of yourself consistently.

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