How to Find a Perfect Job?

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There is one basic question that comes to mind of almost every person in this world once in their lifetime. This is one of the most frequently asked questions among the people of the age group between 21 to 30. And that question is: How to find a perfect job?

Although, there are so many articles and content available on the internet regarding this query. But still, there are so many contexts that are yet remaining to be revealed.

Before starting your quest to find a job, it is more important to clarify which job would be perfect for you. This question is even more important than the previous one, but only a few people think about it. If you have been able to uncover the answer to this question, then it becomes easier for you to get the answer to the first question.

Which job is supposed to be perfect? One that drives you towards a meaningful career or one that allows you to earn a higher package. Let’s explore the answer along with the methods that allow you to reach that destination.


Before you embark upon the journey of finding a job, the first crucial step is to choose an ideal career for you. It can be based on your passion, interest, education, scope, and capabilities. Once you uncover the job that will be more suitable for you, then the methods discussed below would be of great help.

Start by thinking about what you love to do or which task can trigger your productivity. Ask yourself if you really possess the passion for what you’re going after? When you have free time, how do you like to expand it? These are some questions that can potentially lead to a career that would be a natural fit.

Choosing a career is quite simple for some people. They have a childhood dream of a particular profession and they go for it. But most people found it very difficult and confusing to find a perfect match. Whether you are confident, outgoing, friendly, or introverted, you want a job that will blend with these traits. It’s very crucial to understand that a perfect job is one that matches your personality type.


After having a clear idea of which job would be ideal for you and your unique traits, you can start to narrow down different careers that might work. You can do this by research and getting as much exposure to the career you think is perfect. This process is very crucial for being aware of where you want to invest your time and life.

The next step is to analyze the overall job market and what’s going in the specific industry that interests you. You are supposed to be aware of whether that job market is emerging or going down. This can be done by talking with relatives, friends, peers, or finding an experienced mentor.

Make sure that you possess at least some of the skills, knowledge, ability, or experience required for the role. If you don’t have them, look into what you’ll need to learn in order to be considered. Explore the current trends about the industry you’re going after and how easy or hard it would be to find a new opportunity.

Adorn your Resume

Once you have a clear idea of what would be your ideal career and also you have done with introspection, the third step is to build an appealing resume. You should spend enough time creating an attractive resume as you are not going to do it so frequently. This is almost a one-time process because you have to do a few changes the next time. You can even leverage the sites like zety and to get some prebuilt designs.

A resume with a professional appearance can make a big difference as you are going to use it everywhere while applying for the job. It can be your first impression among the employers you want to work for. You can consider some training, certification, or join an internship of 2-3 months to increase the strength of your resume.

Utilize Social Networking

Instead of using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram just for entertainment, you can use them for grabbing opportunities along with the sites like LinkedIn & Meetup. Your profile on these sites should be optimized enough to stand out when recruiters or HR professionals search for candidates.

You can build some connections and expand your network by sending invitations to people whom you’d like to work for. The best way of doing this is to join the relevant groups and use the search bar of these platforms by writing your desired profile. For example, if you want a profile of “software developer” then simply type it on the search bar and send a connection request to people who are already handling this profile.

Direct Search

This is the most effective and quite unsung method of finding a perfect job. But for using this technique, you should have a clear idea of your profile as discussed earlier. In this method, you are going to navigate through search engines like Google and Bing.

Let’s assume you want to build your career in the realm of digital marketing and your preferred location is Bangalore. Then you can make a direct search on Google as “digital marketing company in Bangalore” and click the link of websites mentioned there. The next step is to find the career section on these websites and drop your resume with some relevant explanation. This method will also help you to get hired by top companies.

Employment Sites

One of the most traditional methods for finding a job is to build a profile and drop your resume on various job sites. You can consider the sites like Naukri, monster, and indeed for this purpose. Though this method is quite old but still used by so many companies to list a job and by job seekers to find an opportunity.

This is the place where your resume and skillset play a major role as discussed above. If you are fresher, then these things become even more important. You can also go through the sites like glassdoor and mouthshut to get some more insights like salary brackets and the work environment of companies where you’re applying.

Many industries are going through a tough time, businesses being shut down, and many people have lost their jobs due to Covid19 Pandemic. People have put their job searches on hold in the hope that things will improve later on down the road.

Don’t let the uncertainty of the post-Covid economy stop you from searching for a new job. After such a tough year, you deserve to give yourself the chance of finding a perfect job. Even though it may not seem like an easy time to search for an opportunity, but this post will help you a lot in your efforts.

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