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Hi, I am Harinder Negi from National Capital Region, India. Welcome to Knowledge Era! I’m glad that you have shown interest on my blog by giving your valuable time. I am a passionate digital marketer, blogger, career coach and business strategist. I have diverse background of working in the education and IT industry with great understanding of numerous career options by which I can help you to accomplish your goals.about harinder negi

I write about digital marketing, personal growth, financial management and some valuable facts to expand our intuition. I always like to share my knowledge, skills, and experiences with my friends, followers, colleagues and other peoples who are interested in shifting their knowledge to the next level of improvement.

I had started my career as a business development executive in an IT company after completing my engineering in the year 2015 with a mindset to know about the factors that are responsible for the growth and fall of a business. I learned lots of facts there related to sales, marketing, social media optimization, content writing and email marketing during my tenure. I continued to work in IT sector for more than 2 years and finally decided to completely switch in the domain of digital marketing and blogging.

I like to read books on entrepreneurship, personal growth, financial intelligence and online marketing in my free time. ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is my favorite book because it’s a perfect combination of all the topics that I use to read. While reading one of these books, I came across an article which talked about how one can earn money through blogs, YouTube, AdSense and affiliate marketing. Then I decided to discover some fruitful ways to generate income while sharing my knowledge at the same time.

The first try was to initialize a blog on wordpress.com and to implement my knowledge of SEO on it. Eventually I realized that it is always necessary to have your own self- hosted domain so that you can properly foster the process of online marketing on your website. I have been continuously working to improve the theme, user interface and content of my blog with a passion to explore more about digital media & brand building.

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