How to Build a High Performance Team

build a high performance team

Whether we talk about sports, politics, or entertainment; teamwork plays a very crucial role to make any task successful. If you have watched the credits of the Avengers movie, then you can easily recognize the contribution of the number of persons behind making that project successful. Similarly in business, every director or manager needs to build a high performance team to run his project successfully.

TEAM can simply be an acronym for Together Everyone Achieve More. It is not possible for a person to handle all the tasks of business on an individual level. There are so many businesses struggling because of the lack of talented manpower in their organization.

Whether we talk about marketing, sales, customer support, or development, every area of business needs a functional expert. Therefore, if a person wants to run and grow his business, he needs to build a high performance team. It may be in the form of partners or employees but make sure to remember the steps mentioned below:

Employee Engagement

The primary responsibility and the biggest challenge for many organizations are to engage and retain their current employees. This is a blind spot that they need to improve before hiring new talents. Some common reasons behind the high attrition of employees are low compensation, limited career path, and work-life balance issues.

This is the responsibility of top management to resolve all those problems that their employees are facing. Listen to your employees, address their needs to create a cycle of attracting and retaining amazing people in your organization.

Many organizations are now realizing the importance of valuing their employees, and learning that company culture contributes to the overall growth of the business as well. A compelling employer thus has the potential to boost an organization’s ability to attract, engage and retain a strong workforce.

Well Defined Career Path

If you want to build a high performance team that actually remain engaged with your business, you need to show them a well-defined career path. Define what will be the next level of promotion for your employees, give them proper learning space and work on their skill enhancement. Try to keep them focused on their specialization instead of giving multiple tasks in which they may not be interested.

Every employee should know what they are responsible for, what their objectives are, and how their performance will be measured. Team members feel inspired by realizing that they are on a mission and what they are doing is of great importance. A sharpened image of a brand is created when all the employees actually understand the brand and act accordingly.


Transparency is the key to keep each and every employee in sync for the company’s growth. You should ensure that employee’s goals are aligned with the company’s overall goals and growth. For any organization it’s essential to document its core values, these values in effect become the brand that is represented both internally and externally.

The culture of a company is a reflection of these core values. Including employees in the decision making process while creating the business strategies, makes them more likely and enthusiastic to implement the strategy at their end. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure that the entire organization knows the purpose, strategy, and plan for success.

Open for Feedback

How can you recognize if there is something going wrong in your company? The answer is very simple that you should talk with your team. The problem is that most of us are not interested to know what we are doing wrong. And if we have been able to experience even the smallest degree of success, we are even less likely to believe something is wrong. By seeking feedback from others, you can expose weak spots and make changes that you did not even know you needed to make.

You can always take feedback from your team or employees and ask for areas of improvement. Take into account the knowledge and experience level of the one giving you feedback. How relevant is their advice to your unique situation? Even if the advice is irrelevant, is there a bit of wisdom contained in it that can help you become a better entrepreneur? This sort of approach will help you in building mutual trust and a healthy relationship with your employees. It can also become a very fruitful practice to build a high performance team and creating a good work environment.

Filling the Communication Gap

One way of filling the communication gap is to take feedback and suggestions from your team or employees as written above. And another way to do this is to create a mode of communication between higher management and the employees working on the ground level.

There are so many companies where the communication of executive-level employees is limited to team leader or manager. They don’t have any way to represent their concern to the director, chairman, or VP of the organization. So, how the higher management will recognize if any team leader or manager is not the right person. It’s the responsibility of the director or CEO of the company to take feedback continuously and create harmony among team members and different levels of management.

Feeling of Significance

It’s a major responsibility of an employer to ensure the success and growth of his employees. People don’t really want to come to work and do something that doesn’t contribute to their personal or professional growth. They want to do and learn something extraordinary to grow their skills.

When they accomplish something which is extraordinary they feel that they are capable and competent. Every management should try to extract the true value of their employees, recognize their competency mapping, and giving them work accordingly.

It is also the responsibility of a leader or manager to work on the strength of their team. They need to constantly communicate and keep people focused on the vision and mission to be accomplished. Every employee must feel significant that he is contributing to the top line as well as bottom-line of the business. This sort of approach also creates a feeling of significance among your team members.

Building a high performance team is an essential step for most of the businesses. A team with whom you like to work, a team that charged you up with energy, and a team that encourages you to accomplish all business goals. It is the foundation of a successful organization and developing such a productive team is an effort that requires serious effort and consistent discipline. Imparting a clear vision among the team and inspiring its members to transform it into a reality is fundamental to team success.

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