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Programming Language

Every person wants to build his career in that industry where the chances of growth are higher. Having knowledge of in-demand programming language can open the doors of more opportunities for you. Whether you are a student or a fresher trying to figure out a suitable career option, knowledge of a trending language will always be a plus point.

As the world is quickly moving towards AI and automation, programming language is the most important skill to learn for the functioning of machines. But the twist here is to figure out the coding skills with lots of scope and golden future ahead. There is no need to worry as we are here to help you out with short discussion on all the trending and upcoming programming languages.


Python is the most popular and fastest growing language across the globe. All the universities and even schools are fostering it in their curriculum. Every student of this information age should be aware of this programming language regardless of their stream. This language is almost mandatory for those who are passionate about AI, machine learning, robotics and data science.

Python is very easy to learn even for beginners as compare to other language like Java and C. It is a general-purpose language with simple syntax and robust documentation. Python is awesome for science and statistics with wide use in engineering, electronics and IT sector. It is used in almost all the jobs related to IT including web development, software development and data analytics.


Although JavaScript can be used in number of ways but it is most commonly used in front-end development. It is used to create interactive websites and functional web elements. Whether you want to give functionality to a button on your site or want to style with CSS, JavaScript is a best option. You will find plethora of framework and libraries later on that makes it easier to work with JavaScript.

JavaScript is most popular language among developers with some renowned sites like Facebook, twitter and YouTube rely on it to display dynamic content. JavaScript can perhaps be used for back-end work through node.js+express.js. Therefore, you can use a single language for both client-side and server-side scripts. This coding skill is rapidly expanding into areas like game development and IoT. It is used by various companies like Netflix, Walmart and PayPal to build entire applications.


HTML is a markup language and CSS is a style sheet language. Both languages are easiest, comfortable and quick to learn for beginners. HTML is used to create or insert text, images, header, footer, links and other elements on a website. The entire hierarchy of webpages and other applications across any browser is done with HTML.

CSS is used to customize and change the look of these elements on your web-page. If you are interested in website designing, then these languages are quiet necessary to consider. It can also be useful if you are looking to build you career in the realm of digital marketing & advertisement.


Java is a general purpose programming language with object oriented structure. If you want to work at large tech companies, Java is the language that you should learn. It is widely used to build Android apps, desktop application and games. If your passion lies on being an android developer, start with Java.

Java is known for its portability across platforms because of its WORA (Write once, Run Anywhere) Capability. Java is one of the most common languages after C and C++ for being taught in computer science programs. But Python are Ruby are somehow easier to learn and that’s why python has surpassed Java in recent years.

R Programming Language

R is an open source language which is most commonly used for Data Analytics and Machine Learning. It provides a great framework and built-in libraries to develop powerful algorithms of machine learning.

Being used in statistical computing and graphics, it encourages you to develop new ideas. As a statistical programming language, it is very easy to learn and well adopted by large enterprises.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is a language, and Rails is the framework. It is a dynamic open source language with more focus on simplicity and gentle syntax. Ruby is a back-end programming language which became popular because of its framework.

Many beginners are attracted towards this language because it is used to make the programming as pleasant as possible. It is becoming very popular among startups. Airbnb, Bloomberg, Shopify, and other countless startups have all built their websites using some features of Ruby on Rails.


Swift is relatively a new language, but it is quiet easy to learn with basic purpose of building iOS apps. If you’re influenced with Apple products and development of mobile or desktop applications, it’s totally fine to start with swift.

Apple will probably remain the industry leader in the category of smartphones, iPad and laptops. Perhaps iOS is not only limited to iPhone and iPad, but it also became ground for other operating system such as watchOS and tvOS (for Apple Watches & TVs). There is no doubt that swift is first language to learn if your goal is to be an iOS developer.

C, C++ & C#

C is one of the oldest programming language and root of other languages like C#, Java and JavaScript. If you want to be a game developer, then both C++ and C# are great languages to learn. Whereas C is a great way to learn how computers actually work in terms of memory management.

Being useful in high performance computing, C is a language you should learn to be a system-level programmer. C# uses almost similar syntax as followed by C/C++ which is not so difficult to understand. C# was actually built by Microsoft as part of its .NET framework for building Windows applications.


SQL is technically not a programming language as you are not going make an entire application with SQL. It is used to communicate with or get information from databases. If you want to work with databases, you’ll have to learn SQL otherwise you won’t be able to obtain any data.


Go, also known as Golang, is a programming language favored by Google. Its demand is high but supply is low as only 8% of developers often work with it. Go is also an open source language helpful for building web servers and web applications with minimal frameworks. Its functionality and syntax is similar to other languages like C. Go is a fast language and easy to deploy on Google cloud Platform.

In an environment where new technology emerges in a rapid way, it is very necessary to expand your knowledge base. Although it’s quiet easy to learn new languages after you have already learned one language very well. But if you are just starting out, it’s wise to choose one that aligns with your goal.

It is also very important to figure out what do you exactly want to accomplish before choosing a programming language. You should consider the long term prospects, job market and how easy the language is to learn.

There are lots of other languages out there, but we have only mentioned the demanding and futuristic languages based on our research and experience. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers. Thank for reading, Keep learning…

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