How to Improve Domain Authority of your Website

domain authority

Everyone has an objective while creating a website. Someone wants to drive more traffic to his blog and someone wants to generate leads by acquiring huge number of visitors. Whatever be your goal, domain authority (DA) has a big role to play in growing the rank of your website.

Domain Authority is a ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on Google and other search engines. According to Wikipedia, DA of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. DA is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability of acquiring more traffic and high ranking.

Domain Authority is one of the standard terms used by us while talking about SEO and ranking on the SERPs. A website with good DA has always a high probability to get high rank for every keyword or title. In this post, I will share some proven methods that will help you to improve domain authority of your website.

Add an Active Element

The elements which are published regularly on your website are called active elements. It may be a news section, media or a blog. Such elements keep your site active that makes it credible among visitors and search engines.

Just adding an active element to your site is not enough, you have to work regularly on that element. Use that element to provide more value to your visitors and consumers.

In this way, such elements will also become a source of new URLs which can be very helpful in building new links. An active element is also important for showing visitors and search engines that your website is up-to-date and fully functional.

Create Link-Worthy Content

The best way to drive traffic towards your site is by providing relevant content to people, over and over again. Creating amazing content consistently is key to increase your domain authority and rankings. A unique content with lots of value will be appreciated everywhere.

Content is a major reason for other site to link to yours. If you are consistently providing link-worthy content, other sites in your niche will link to your site. But the content should be well-written with effective use of images and videos to make it more attractive.

When creating new content, think about the most burning questions of your readers and other bloggers. This approach will help you to take control of your search results and to prove that your web properties are more valuable than others.

Traffic Oriented Link Building

Link building is a process of creating links of your website on some other websites. But don’t ever obsess over link building for its own sake. Building links solely to build more links is pointless vanity. Always try to build real links that drive traffic, and you’ll improve both your domain authority and ranking.

I have already written an article on link building strategies which include Guest Posting, Social Bookmarking, and Business Listing etc. Internal linking is another area to boost ranking by managing link equity across your entire domain.

Acquiring links in the right way will help your DA soar. But always remember that the links you generate should be of high quality. Your agenda must be to strive for more traffic while building links. Such type of links will also protect you from the penalization policies of Google.

Run a Link Audit

In order to improve the domain authority of your website, you should realize the significance of healthy link profile. Start by collecting your backlink data from various tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Using variety of tools will help you to recognize the data in very precise manner.

You can also go through the Google’s official list of restricted link schemes as shown below:

domain and page authority

Then carefully watch the data and remove all the spammy, suspicious, and irrelevant backlinks from your site. Removing such bad and toxic links is as important as gaining quality links. Bad links can have a negative impact on your Domain Authority. So, it is mandatory to keep your link equity clean and spotless.

Strategic Approach towards SEO

Moz also suggests improving your overall SEO strategy in order to improve your DA. I have written an article on 3 pillars of SEO which will help you to strengthen your strategy. These pillars are content, on-page SEO and link building. Focusing on these pillars is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy.

You should also focus on responsive site which will be mobile friendly in terms of SEO as well as user experience. Your domain authority will obviously increase if both people and search engines can process your content easily.

Always remember to consider the QA sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers in your SEO strategies. It will give you an idea of trending topics and enhance your ability to write a valuable content very quickly. DA is an important element of your site if you think from the perspective of SEO. It is an integral part of your overall SEO strategy.

Although DA is not used by Google and has no direct impact on your rankings but has lot of indirect benefits. DA score is designed to be an indicator of success, not a success itself. Increasing your DA will increase the probability of your website to rank higher on search engines.

How to check your Domain Authority? There are so many websites to check your DA like Small SEO Tools and link explorer. More than 40 signals are considered while calculating DA. A website with high DA is likely to rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Don’t get discouraged if your DA is low as you are always in a control of improving it. Just focus on that active element, keep publishing quality content on your site and your DA will definitely improve with time and Domain Age.

Always keep in mind that DA doesn’t increase overnight, you should be patient while applying the methods mentioned in this article. All these steps play a vital role in moving your DA from low to high.

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