How Can You Follow Your Passion?

PassionMaybe you are one of them who want to follow their passion and dreams but have some doubts and fears in mind about future that what would happen if I couldn’t succeed or couldn’t get an opportunity. I’ve observed people around me struggling to find a job or career they love because of their fear and passivity. Most of the time we allow negative thoughts and scarcity to play over our mind. We need to explore the truth behind such negative thoughts and think of ways to encounter each one. While observing my own path of getting to do what I love, I came to know about four main lessons.

1. Ask Yourself

AskEven though you may not have a clear vision about your career, but you may be curious about something, which needs to be followed so that you could uncover your possible interests. It will set you towards unique motivation that separates you from others.

Following your passion could be easier than you think. You need to be positive about it so that you become capable of handling fear and cynicism. If you still have some doubt regarding your passion, then here are some questions to get started:-

  • What could you do for 1 year straight without getting paid?
  • Which activity or work absorbs you so thoroughly that you lose track of time?
  • Which topics do you find most exciting to talk about?
  • What you would do if you have a million dollar?
  • How would you spend your time if you have a complete financial abundance to do anything?
  • Do the skills you are learning in your current job will lead you towards your passion?

Answering these questions will take you towards the path of understanding your creativity and uniqueness. It will help you to think about your passion with a lot of energy and self-confidence.

2. Prepare Yourself for Opportunity

Development Employee Success Opportunity LearningI hope that now you have a clear and positive vision about your passion, now it’s time to prepare yourself and to acquire the skills and knowledge required to achieve that passion. Whether you’re employee or student, you need to devote few hours from your daily schedule to learn those skills. If you wish to make a career in digital marketing or graphic designing then you need to learn related applications (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, SEO etc). You can also consider a part-time job at the weekends or select a convenient time zone. You may earn a small amount of money but eventually you will learn skills that lead you towards your passion.

3.Escape the Rat Race

Escape Rat raceWe all have huge number of fearful statements about failure and cynicism which play in our mind like endless mantras. If you let these statements win, your passion will remain out of your grasp.

Most of the people don’t like their jobs as they know that they want to do something different and amazing. Despite of it they still remain stick to their jobs because of these fearful statements. Perhaps the fear of losing their monthly income or salary takes over their minds. You won’t discover your ideal career or job just by sitting around and thinking about it in that manner. Perhaps you need to search for it by taking action. So ask few questions from yourself and prepare for opportunity accordingly. One of the best ways is to surround yourself with people who are living examples.

Sometimes leaving your job even without knowing what you will do next could be a better option. It will force you to figure out your next step with huge urgency. It also frees you up to invest all your energy into finding the next thing. The path of passion is where you do things that scare you enough, without leaving you in a state of fear. Do the work others aren’t willing to do, and you will get the things others will never have.

4.Don’t Make Money Your Only Priority

Work to Learn All of us have the power of choice. If you are considering your earning at a primary level then this thought process will limit your options. You will resist yourself from following your passion as getting to do what you love will be more tough. You need to give priority to your curiosity, creativity and learning appropriate skills.

When your work gets fits into your passion, you will start to stand out as being more capable than any other. Your earning potential would also instantly become higher in that capacity. What you choose may look like an awkward decision to others, but for you it won’t even feel like work. So it’s always wise to treat your financial concerns as a secondary aspect of your life.

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