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freelancing platforms

There are so many people in the world who wants to earn some extra money in order to become more financially stable. Most of us have some skills that don’t get utilized in our full-time jobs. Freelancing platforms is the ideal place where you can fully utilize your skills and get paid for it.

Whether you’re looking for additional ways to pay the bills, to fulfill your desires or just want the freedom that freelancing offers; you’ve come to the right place. With so many platforms available online, freelancing has become very easy now a days. Even there are millions of people who are choosing freelancing as a profession or full-time job.

There are many peoples who want to follow their passion but also want to remain secure with their regular job. Freelancing provides you a chance to do the work you love and earn some extra money through it. Being a freelancer is a great way to turn your passion into profitable profession. Freelancers do not hold permanent employment with a single organization and instead earn through temporary projects or contract work.

These freelancing platforms also help companies to hire the candidate required only for a specific project. They don’t need to hire a full-time employee on salary basis and thus helps in cost optimization. In this article, we will discuss about the top sites for freelancers based on our research and experience.


Upwork has undoubtedly becomes the world’s biggest freelance marketplace. This global platform is a result of merger between and, both considered to be top sites for freelancers in the past. Anyone interested in freelancing can create profile by outlining their skills, experiences and job histories.

They provide high quality services and take 20% of your earnings with their focus on every type of professions. Upwork is used by companies such as Airbnb and Microsoft with long-term contract options and complex projects for freelancers. You can sign up for free at this platform and get a certain number of free “connects” to bid on projects. The chances of winning a project here is mainly depend on the reviews given by recruiters.


Fiverr is another credible website in the world of freelancers. The main feature of this platform is the wide range of options ranging from coding, writing and translation projects to designing, voiceover and photography. Due to this feature, you can start earning money even if you don’t know the coding or technical stuff.

Fiverr is perfect for both beginners and experts because it focuses more on micro-jobs like writing, designing and editing. There is also a rating system that gives an exact idea of quality of work to the employers. The most inspiring part is that you can even start earning from as low as 5$ to a significant amount of money. Apart from this, Fiverr also offers free online courses to develop your skills and kick-start your career.


Short form for top talent, Toptal is most premium freelancing platform inclined towards experienced freelancers. The screening process of this platform is very intense including interview and background checks. They promise to help companies in finding the top 3% of world-class freelancers with most of them being paid between 50$ to 250$ per hour.

So, it’s not easy to get approval for your profile and grab a project like other sites. Used by companies like Motorola, Emirates and HP; this platform also offers a participation in live screening exercise and test projects. Toptal is an ideal website for the experienced developers with lucrative payments and awards. You can get every range of projects from short to long-term with higher rates than all the sites mentioned here.

They will sharply match your profile and provide you with projects that fit specifically to you and your skillset. The rigorous screening of this platform ensures that both recruiters and freelancers come out with perfect match of each other. While getting your profile approved can be tricky but you can grab very good projects once you’re in.


Freelancer is one of the most popular and oldest freelancing platforms out there. It is an ideal spot for those who are just starting out and want to quickly build their portfolio. With more than 30 million registered users, it has now grown into largest outsourcing and crowd-sourcing destination in the world.

Similar to Fiverr, this website also has wide range of projects from web development to digital marketing. It is very easy to sign up and start bidding on projects posted by clients. The chance of getting a desiring project is based on the rating of work completed by you in the past. Favored by companies like SAP and Intel, this website is a boon for small businesses that need help in every level of projects.


Since the dawn of Guru in 2001 as a passion project, this website has added 3 million freelancers across the globe. This platform is designed to connect employers with expert freelancers locally or globally. You can post your professional profile filled with your skills and experience and find a suitable job ranging from programming and designing to content writing and development.

This platform is very cost-effective with verified feedback scores and all time transaction data of freelancers. It is designed to attract more authentic base of freelancers and clients instead of mixing a lot of cheap listings. Guru is more flexible than other sites when it comes to payment options for freelancers.


This platform also allows both employers and freelancers to explore talent and work respectively. It is a UK based website having a simple and similar process like other freelancing sites. This website is used by nearly 2.4 million freelancers with more emphasize on web development, content writing and digital marketing roles.

The website offers entirely remote listings that allow people to comfortably work from their home. Projects completed by international community of freelancers are constantly reviewed and rated based on their performance.

Due to the current pandemic of corona virus, many people are rushing towards these freelancing platforms. Whether you are an employee or a student looking for part-time work, these websites will surely help you to find a suitable work. There are so many sites which focus on a specific work such as 99designs for designers, PubLoft for writers and Stack Overflow for engineers & developers.

The common factor with all these freelancing platforms is to develop relationship with clients and to build up a portfolio over time to get the premium projects. By using these platforms, you will get an exact idea of how much you can earn through your skill set. It is also an excellent way to constantly sharpen your skills by taking various projects from different employers. In this way, you are all set to learn and then earn some extra things outside of your job.

These freelancing platforms also provide you a good chance to enter in the tech industry, build up a portfolio of project with the chance of getting a permanent position. You may have to take some unappealing projects with lower pay at the beginning in order to show your expertise and quality of work. But later it will help you to get better work and growing your connection with clients.

These platforms help companies to outsource projects which may be time intensive or require skills that are currently absent from the company. Clients can list their projects with complete details of what they are expecting from freelancers. You can submit the proposals for projects in which you are interested. Clients can review proposals and portfolios and then choose the one that match their requirement.

Freelancing is all about being your own boss with the freedom of choosing your work and the flexibility of where and when to do it. There are lots of people who have completely switched toward freelancing and earning more than that of those doing regular job. Due to its flexible nature, freelancing is becoming more popular and an ever-developing trend itself.

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